...Vibration Reduction System

It has long been known that mechanical and elec-tromechanical vibration seriously effects the retrieval of both analog and digital signals. Out-of-balance discs and bearings can cause harmonic
noise that transduces to other components. Ser-vos that control the laser must compensate for
wobbling discs, creating increased loads on the
transformers, which vibrate and in turn cause in-creased electromagnetic noise (EMI.) Any of these
interactions can contribute to smear, veiling and
loss of three-dimensionality.

The ISOBEARING ™ Vibration Reduction Sys-tem reduces transmission of a variety of vibration
signatures to sensitive audio and video devices by removing this source of distortion.

Each ISOBEARING ™ support globe is a sphere of vibration-absorbing elastomer, supported in a
Delrin® cup. The bottom face of the cup is lami-nated with a thin mat of the ISOBEARING ™ elas-tomer. The high damping factor of the elastomer and the shape of the ISOBEARING ™ combine to distribute energy evenly across the point of con-tact while dissipating nearly 100% of the energy that enters the globe.

Packages of three spheres and cups are available
in two different capacities. ISOBEARING ™ 2.5
supports 4.4 pounds per globe (2.0 kg.) and
ISOBEARING ™ 3.3 is designed to support 15.4
pounds per globe (7.0 kg.)

The ISOBEARING ™ Vibration Reduction Sys-tem is easy to install and provides dramatic re-sults. With them in place under your equipment,
you will hear improved bass definition, pinpoint
imaging, increased transparency and an expansive sound stage. They are well worth the modest investment and the few minutes they take to install.

- Effective in improving the performance of compact
disc players, transports and DAC's; LVD and DVD
players; phono playback systems; vacuum-tube and
solid-state electronics.

- Provides an effective vibration barrier starting at
very low frequencies and extending throughout the
audio band.

- Available two sizes to accomodate the lightest to
the heaviest equipment.


Capacity (per globe): 4.4 pounds (2.0 kg)
Overall Height: 1.2 inches (2.98 cm)
Globe Diameter: 1.0 inches (2.54 cm)
Base Diameter: 1.4 inches (3.56 cm)

Capacity (per globe): 17.0 pounds (7.0 kg )
Overall Height: 1.7 inches (4.25 cm)
Globe Diameter: 1.3 inches (3.30 cm)
Base Diameter: 2.0 inches (5.08 cm)

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