..Noise Sniffer

...Power-Line Analyser

Electrical power comes from a variety of sources
through an extensive and far reaching power grid.
When it arrives at the service panel, it will most likely
be connected in parallel with other service panels
throughout the neighborhood. Since these panels
are interconnected, and all electrical devices on the
line present mild to difficult loads, harmonic
distortion or noise is created that can interfere with
sensitive audio and video equipment.

Prior to the introduction of the ACFX ™ Power-Line
and the Quietline ™ Noise Reduction
in 1993, AudioPrism developed
sophisticated techniques and instrumentation to
look at and listen to noise. Many of these tools were
purpose designed and quite specific to the sport of
"noise hunting."

Unfortunately, most laboratory instruments are far
too sophisticated and expensive to use in the field
and create data that is not always easy to interpret.
Realizing that there was a need for a small, easy to
use device that could find the source of noise on a
power line, AudioPrism created a product as effective
as their laboratory equipment, only much more
affordable and significantly easier to use.

The Noise Sniffer ™ is a unique device developed
to detect noise traveling on the power line. Using
an internal circuit that converts line noise to a signal
that will drive a small speaker, the Noise Sniffer ™
makes it possible to "listen" to the EMI and RFI noise
that is almost always present on power lines.

By plugging the Noise Sniffer ™ into an electrical
outlet and listening, you will be able to tell if the
circuit or outlet you are testing has a noise problem.
By evaluating each circuit independently, you will
know if localized treatment with a product as the
Quietline ™ Noise Reduction System is
appropriate, or if filtration from an ACFX ™ Power-Line Filter or Power Foundation ™ is necessary.

There is no simpler method available to detect and
eliminate noise than with the Noise Sniffer ™ and
AudioPrism's power distribution and filtration

- Detects EMI & RFI on household power circuits

- Directs your attention to problem circuits that may
require power filtering.

- Plugging it into the output of a power line filter outlet
will allow you to judge the filtering performance.

- Will detect any changes made to a circuit from house-hold appliances or heavy equipment that may be re-flecting noise back into the power line.


Standard Voltage Rating: 90-130 VAC, 60Hz.
Optional Voltage Rating: 200-240 V, 50Hz.
Plug Type: North American (NEMA)
Dimensions: 5 x 7.25 x 2.5"(12.7 x 18.42 x 6.35 cm)
Weight: 2.2 pounds (1.0 kg)
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