Power Enhancement Products
Power line filtering improves the sound of all audio components, including amplifiers, preamplifiers and program source devices such as CD and DVD machines and tuners. On virtually all video devices, filtered AC produces less video noise and improved color saturation.
Your equipment is constantly bathed in a "sea" of electrical noise. Most line filters treat only the power coming directly into the equipment. They do nothing about the noise generated by other electronic devices. The Quietline ™ Noise Reduction System is a new way to reduce the electrical noise and interference that degrades the sound of your audio system.More...
Wave Guide
AudioPrism's WaveGuide ™ is a revolutionary and patent-applied for technology that is designed to improve the performance of any audio, video or home theater system. Utilizing entirely passive filtration technology, WaveGuide ™ greatly reduces the common mode noise that travels along power cords, interconnects and speaker cables. Common mode noise can cause power supplies to modulate in all types of audio and video electronics. .More...
Noise Sniffer
The Noise Sniffer ™ is a unique device developed to detect noise traveling on the power line. Using an internal circuit that converts line noise to a signal that will drive a small speaker, the Noise Sniffer ™ makes it possible to "listen" to the EMI and RFI noise that is almost always present on power lines.By plugging the Noise Sniffer ™ into an electrical outlet and listening, you will be able to tell if the circuit or outlet you are testing has a noise problem.More...
The AudioPrism ACFX ™ Power-Line Filter improves the performance of high quality audio and video systems by reducing or eliminating the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI) on AC power supplies. At the same time, it isolates other equipment from the power supply of the amplifier or other device plugged into the filter, which reduces audio modulation distortion (AMD) and crosstalk between audio and video components.More...
AudioPrism has been producing innovative power products since the introduction of the ACFX ™ Power-Line Filter and the Quietline ™ Noise Reduction System in 1993. Unlike many power line filters which limit current or otherwise restrict what type component that can be connected to it, the ACFX ™ Power-Line Filter enables any attached component, even an amplifier to perform at maximum dynamic range with maximum filtration. The Quietline ™ Noise Reduction System, another AudioPrism innovation, passively shunts noise commonly found "riding" on power lines throughout your listening environment.More...
AP Point 5

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Reference speaker cable

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Super Natural 9.5
AudioPrism, internationally recognized for it's family of high value, high performance products, has released the first two products in the new SuperNatural line of high performance power conductors- SuperNatural 9.5 and SuperNatural S2.
At the core of the SuperNatural design is the idea of controlling the spurious and electrostatic noise commonly found in other power cables. By specially treating each copper conductor bundle, electrostatically shielding them and then protecting them with a low noise outer Santoprene® jacket, 9.5 raises the bar on how a power cable should perform. Even with it's 9.5 AWG conductor size, the SuperNatural 9.5 remains very flexible. It's finely stranded OFC bare copper conductors, thin-film PTFE dielectric and true Litz configuration make the 9.5 very easy to use. Each SuperNatural 9.5 utilizes only cold-welded mechanical connections and are terminated with only premium quality IEC connectors from Hubbell®, Marinco® and Kimber®.
Super Natural S2
SuperNatural S2 expands the line by borrowing generously from AudioPrism's critically acclaimed power filter technology and combining it with the nearly unbeatable performance of the 9.5. S2 demonstrates a radical departure in power cable technology by making the power cable function as power conductor and power filter. This technology, exclusive to the S2, allows for user adjustable filtration over the length of the cable. Every S2 is maticuoulsy hand crafted using the finest materials and construction technologies available and are terminated with 24K Gold Audio Grade WattGate 330 and 350 connectors. The SuperNatural S2 is the finest power cable available. (Patent Pending)
Foundation HC Power Cord
AudioPrism Foundatiom HC, high current power cord. These high quality,
high value, flexable cords, are manufactured by AudioPrism witha triple compliment of finely stranded, silicone insulated, 10 gauge, high conductivity copper
wire. The outer jacket is a double sheath of black, flame retarding, woven mylar
and connectors are highest quality IEC and 3-prong Hubbell AC plugs. The Foundation
power cords will allow any device to which they are connected to produce
the maximum dynamics of which they are capable.
Vibration Control Products
It has long been known that mechanical and electromechanical vibration seriously effects the retrieval of both analog and digital signals. Out-of-balance discs and bearings can cause harmonic noise that transduces to other components. AudioPrism manufactures a complete line of vibration control products.
The ISOBEARING ™ Vibration Reduction System reduces transmission of a variety of vibration signatures to sensitive audio and video devices. By removing this source of distortion. Each ISOBEARING ™ support globe is a sphere of vibration-absorbing elastomer, supported in a Delrin® cup. The bottom face of the cup is laminated with a thin mat of the ISOBEARING ™ elastomer. More...
CD Enhancement System
Removing jitter and stabilizing CD motion are critical to the process of accurate retreival of the musical signal.
CD Blacklight
CD Blacklight is no longer available.
CD Stoplight
We discovered that during playback, that a significant quantity of stray laser light bounces around inside a CD. This stray light eventually finds its way back to the pick-up assembly, creating jitter. CD Stoplight was developed to passively reduce the the effects of stray light that ultimately causes jittar. By absorbing the stray light at the transport passively, rather than attempting to reduce it's effects downstream electronically, jitter is reduced at the source-keeping it out of the playback chain.

Packaged with a special applicator, CD Stoplight is easy to apply. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and will not flake or peel. Compact Discs treated with CD Stoplight sound more neutral, less edgy and significantly more open.

Download CD Stoplight application instructions.


Indoor FM Antennas
AudioPrism has been building these critically acclamed antenna's for over a decade.
7500 Antenna
High performance FM antenna, omni-directional, passive design with high gain. Shiped with 15' of 75 ohm coaxial cable. Antenna element is black with a painted 13" wood base.
8500 Antenna
High performance indoor FM antenna includes hard wired 20' long remote control and 20' of 75 ohm coaxial cable. The 8500 is passive, phased array design with 4 possible antenna directions and 3 different gain settings selected via remote control; omni, 0, 120, or 240 degrees. Gain settings 0 Db, -12 and -18 Db. A 12 VDC output wall adapter included. 5 feet tall x 12 in. diameter. Black with matching painted wood end pieces.